Maria Brunel is a clothing brand in Mexico. Each piece is handmade and therefore there may be variations in color, shape and other details depending on the design. These details make each piece unique!


Quality assurance
Each piece is examined before offered for sale, but please do notify us on any defect you may notice when you receive your piece (within 10 days).


Exchanges and Returns
We are not able to recieve international returns at this time, as posting back into Mexico is so frequently problematic.



Our online shop accepts PayPal payments, Zelle or Bank of American deposits or all prices are in U.S. Dollars.
Shipping will be given depending on your postal code
All shipments are certified mail via FedEx or DHL. Please allow 1-2 natural days to confirm your purchase, 2-6 days to send your package and 8-10 business days from the date of shipment to receive your package.


Nuestra tienda online Acepta pagos a nuestro banco.
Envios nacionales por Multipac o Federal Express, una vez que escojas tu pieza te daremos el costo del envio.
Una vez pagados las piezas y el envio esta se llevara a la paqueteria maximo dos dias habiles despues de este pago.


We are not responsible for lost, abused or opened packages.
 For more details please write us to info@mariabrunel.com
Thank you for your purchase!
Maria Brunel